Chandler Pavel

Everyone, meet Chandler! Originally from Savannah, GA she’s managed to find herself a home not only in Parkville, MO but as one of our trumpet players since November of last year.

“After leaving college and my music education degree behind, I craved the energy and camaraderie that comes with playing in a group. I loved making music, and my life is better because of it. The Social Symphony was the perfect opportunity for me to continue being a musician while still doing “real life”. “ -Chandler

Chandler has been playing trumpet for the past 5 years. Her favorite piece of music to play is the Spirit of Atlanta’s 2012-2013 version of Georgia & Salvation.

When she isn’t hanging out with us, Chandler is busy serving up deliciousness at Nick & Jakes, and spending time with her husband and her husky named Draco. Outside of playing music her hobbies include, freehand embroidery, playing video games, D&D and water color painting. She did mention something about perfecting a macaroon recipe as well, we may have to investigate that further.

Thank you for being a part of our symphony family Chandler!